Various thoughts on astrology, health, and more. Quick tips for health, a feature I call "Baby Carrots Quick Bites."  Most months I also write an article exploring an herb related to the full moon of that month, which I call "lunation monographs."

Published in The Evolving Astrologer, June, 2023.  pp. 58-63.

Learn about the importance of vitamin D in the body, and its astrological connections.

I publish a fairly regular feature in the Skyscript newsletter, which you can read by subscribing there. (These will also eventually be released onto the public site.)  I explore historical mysteries surrounding each sign, related to the physical body.  For example: why does Mars, a malefic, rule physicians, who heal the body?  When did the Sun obtain rulership over the heart?  Each article also features an herb that correlates with the sign in focus. Sometimes I even include recipes. :)

A presentation for the New Orleans Astrological Meetup group.