Horary Readings

Horary uses an astrological "chart of the moment," to determine the answer to a divination question. Please see the video below, to understand what horary is and what to expect from a horary reading.  You can also view example readings from former clients.

"Horary" is a specific type of astrology used to answer specific questions.  A written report is typically two-to-three pages long.  Readings cover the nature of the circumstance you are facing, what is likely to happen, and guidance for handling your part in the story.

First, be sure you understand what kinds of questions are appropriate for horary.  ​(That page also contains sample readings.)

Then use the button at the right to submit your questionWritten reports are a baseline of $50. If you can afford more, please consider increasing your payment.

I generally respond within 48 hours, usually faster!

Your divination session with me is spiritual in nature and is an expression of what I hold as sacred. In no way should your reading with me be construed as financial, legal, or medical advice. I am not a qualified financial advisor, licensed attorney, or medical doctor. A divinatory reading with me is a conversation meant for spiritual growth and should not be mistaken for a fiduciary relationship.