Abigail Joy: Astrologer, Herbalist, Wellness Coach

Hello!  I offer health coaching using astrology to shed light on what the issues are, and holistic herbalism to guide interventions.  

I also offer horary readings, which can answer any question, whether health related or not.

I have a blog, where I offer education about holistic health from an astrological lens.  There are lots of free posts, and you can subscribe to access the paid posts.

You can support me, to keep these publications going!  Supporters get extra perks!

I am committed to practicing in ways that are:

My passion is to help anyone who needs it, and I strive to keep my costs affordable.  I am neurodivergent, as are most people in my family, so I understand the strengths and struggles of the neurodivergent communities as well.

Let's get you feeling better.

In no way should your session with me be construed as financial, legal, or medical advice. I am not a qualified financial advisor, licensed attorney, or medical doctor. A reading with me is a conversation meant for spiritual growth and should not be mistaken for a fiduciary relationship.