Health Coaching

I am a health and wellness astrologer, and a holistic herbalist, working with plants and natural lifestyle interventions to support well-being. Both astrology and herbalism are very deep traditions, which still can be powerful tools for health today.  I practice astrology and herbalism as complimentary wellness tools, not only to fill in gaps that conventional medicine is not designed to fill, but also to empower you to find the best solutions to proactively improve your life.

Here are my health and wellness astrology services:

Temperament — your unique astrological natal chart can provide insight into your temperament and how to support it.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness.  Using a temperament analysis and insights from your astrological chart, you can learn:

I also provide a customized recipe for an herbal tea that aligns with your astrological placements! 

I recommend starting with the temperament consultation before proceeding with other types of wellness consultations.

Baseline: $50

Scale: $50 - $100

Health Coaching We will meet on a regular basis to work on your health goals. I will offer astrological insight, herbal suggestions, lifestyle "tips and tricks," encouragement, and accountability.  Recommended frequency is once or twice per month.  Sessions are short, because the best progress is incremental and scaffolded. I recommend getting a temperament reading first, to establish a starting point to work with.

Baseline $50 / 25-minute session 

Scale: $50-100

Decumbiture or Medical horary When someone falls ill, it can create a lot of questions.  Are there confusing symptoms that doctors can't figure out? Should you be concerned, or is this just a normal illness? What types of treatments are likely to help, and what are red herrings? Through a decumbiture or medical horary chart, the heavens can provide clues as to the true nature of a patient's illness.  This can help you narrow down appropriate diagnoses and treatments.  Medical Horary can also answer questions like, "should I get a second opinion," or "am I on the right track with this treatment?"  This type of reading is meant to be complimentary to standard medical care, not a replacement for it.  


Baseline: $80

Scale: $80-180

Medical Electional Reading If you need to have a test, surgery, or medical procedure, you may be nervous about the outcome.  If you have a choice about when to schedule the procedure, astrology can help you determine when the skies are best aligned with your natal chart to provide the best possible chances of success.  You can also use electional astrology to determine the best moment to begin new efforts, such as quitting smoking or starting a new health routine.

Baseline: $150

Scale: $150 - $500

You may not be sure what type of reading you need.  Please email me to get a conversation started, and I can guide you to what type of reading fits your situation.

For more about my approach, please review the sections below:

Herbs and Energetics

I am on track to becoming a certified herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild; additionally, I am interested in and open to energy work (though I am not trained in it).   All that said, I am not opposed to modern medicine.  I can point out its flaws as much as anyone, but you will not find doctor-bashing here.  In addition to my herbs and energy modalities, I also regularly use standard medicine prescribed by a conventional medical doctor, and I strongly support science.  I believe in a smart, holistic combination of as many modalities as possible, to achieve maximum impact. Nobody has a monopoly on truth — in most areas of life, having multiple perspectives is extremely helpful, and this applies to health as well.  Why not shed as much light on your situation as possible?

My readings will usually be accompanied by suggestions of herbs and lifestyle suggestions.  Occasionally I may suggest meditations, or "energy-based" techniques. These suggestions are not intended to replace the opinions of a qualified medical doctor, but to enhance them.  I offer these suggestions as a way to be proactive and to empower you towards health, using tools available to me.  The doctor will use tools available to her/him.  Please, always defer to a doctor's medical advice!  That said, all of the herbs I recommend are generally recognized as safe for the vast majority of people.

Humors & Elements

As mentioned, I practice in a field called medical astrology. (I mentioned that I am uncomfortable with that term in a modern setting. I use it here in an academic way.)  Medical astrology in the West evolved during times when the paradigm of medical practice was based on the "four humors" theory.  Almost all of the language in the astrological tradition assumes the humors theory.  The four humors map to the four elements used in astrology.  Obviously, however, our models of scientific understanding have changed dramatically over the past 3 centuries, so this poses a dilemma for modern practitioners of medical astrology.  Do we throw out the language about humors, as our scientist cousins have done? Or is there a way to use these concepts today in helpful ways?

It would be extremely difficult to practice medical astrology and strip out this language. It is also very difficult to attempt to translate it to fit our modern scientific understandings.  The language of the humors still has some relevance today, although we need a (perhaps) more sophisticated understanding of them, to avoid confusion.  The language of the humors, while antiquated, still proves useful when we abstract it out to a level of experiential description instead of literal causation

There is no such thing as literal Black Bile accumulating in, say, someone's intestines, for example.  We cannot run a test to determine physical levels of Black Bile.  However, Black Bile, as an experiential descriptor can help define symptoms such as blockages, slowness, or decay (for example).  Sometimes symptoms are mysterious, so finding language for where the problem is and what type of experience it creates, can give helpful clues for diagnosis and treatment.  The language of humors may be strange or off-putting to modern ears, but please understand, I do not mean it to be taken literally.

I am not a licensed medical or mental healthcare provider. My discussions with clients are an expression of my spiritual beliefs and are not meant to be taken as medical or mental health advice. Always consult with a licensed medical practitioner for your medical needs.