What is Horary?

Horary Astrology is a form of divination that uses a "chart of the moment" to answer a specific question posed by the client. Horary has been practiced for thousands of years, and it has been applied to questions large and small.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

The first step in the process is your responsibility: asking the question properly. Horary questions must be:

  1. Pressing.

The main consideration is that the question must be something that is weighing on your heart. Flippant questions that you don't truly care about will not work. Questions that you can find the answer to by some other method than divination will not work. If you are feeling distressed and worried about a situation, and you've tried and tried, but you can't figure out what the right answer is, then your question is appropriate for a horary reading.

  1. Personal.

The question must be about you or someone related to you. The heavens won't gossip about celebrity lives or random strangers. You can ask questions about people in your circle, if the questions are distressing you, but you can't ask about the president or a movie star or the barista at the coffee shop whom you barely know.

  1. Specific.

Another helpful consideration is to be specific. "What should I do with my life?" is too broad. "Should I take this job offer?" is adequately specific. If you have obtained a natal astrology reading in the past, you may be accustomed to thinking in sweeping, broad terms. That's because natal astrology must be able to encompass your entire life. However, horary is a more precise art, located at a specific nexus of your life's journey.

Horary can "see" up to about 6-12 months into the future. Sometimes more, but the further from the moment you get, the less clear the answers are going to be. Six months tends to be the best time frame to focus on. Questions about your entire life don't work. "Will I ever get pregnant?" is not appropriate for horary. "Will I get pregnant in the next 6-12 months?" is more in line with what horary can do.

  1. Unique.

If you have already asked the same question of another professional astrologer, tarot reader, or diviner, you are tempting fate. The chart will not be accurate if the question has already been answered earlier.

Horary is a form of divination, connecting the mundane with the mysterious. Divination is not a transparent window that you can take for granted, letting you see everything you want to see, in sparkling detail. It is a magic lake, with a mystical hand extended from the center, containing the specific gift from the universe that you need at this point in your journey. This means you ask your question once and then sit with the answer, even if you don't like it.

What can I expect from a horary reading?

Simply put, horary will provide the answer to your question, and it will probably also provide some details you didn't ask about.

Horary is a form of divination. It is inherently mysterious and powerful.

Before opening your reading, I recommend taking a deep breath and opening yourself to the vast, awesome powers of the heavens, making yourself as ready and willing as you can to receive the answers. Don't rush through the reading. Absorb it slowly. Re-read. Meditate.

All that said, horary can be extremely practical as well. The answers are often surprisingly specific and detailed.

Illustration By Louis Rhead (1857-1926)